Exciting news on the digital textbook front!  Follett Higher Education Group is updating the CafeScribe Blackboard Building Block™ for this fall.

Through our ongoing partnership with Follett, Blackboard will continue to offer the free building block that will soon bring you the new and improved CafeScribe.  Follett listened to your feedback – the new CafeScribe makes it even easier for students and faculty to use digital course materials.

Cafescribe Logo

We were given a sneak peak of the new product, and we saw that CafeScribe truly makes students’ lives easier.  If you haven’t used it before, CafeScribe allows students to read, organize and connect with others for better and more efficient studying.  It can also save students up to 40-60 percent off the cost of a new textbook…not to mention, the interface looks great and is easy to use.  Check out this video that shows how students can:

  • easily search and highlight passages
  • organize their notes and highlights with a few simple clicks
  • share notes, insights and feedback with peers and their professor
  • access their textbooks through web-enabled mobile devices


Follett is clearly responding to the needs of today’s students and is continuing to evolve their products.  In a nutshell, Follett’s CafeScribe allows students to learn faster, better and smarter by giving them a digital textbook, communication platform and study and organizational tools…all in one.

More information about CafeScribe and the Blackboard Learn integration is available at www.blackboard.com/CafeScribe or www.CafeScribe.com.

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  • Don Dewar

    I’m not sure who CafeScribe is listening to, but I have to say that never paid for a worse product. Does nobody at CafeScribe understand that while most printed books are viewed in portrait, most computer screens are set up as landscape? Does nobody understand how distracting and annoying it is to have to scroll up and down each page twice in order to read both columns? Or how frustrating it is to try to scroll back up to the top of the second column only to have the flash plug-in crash?

  • Linda R.

    Mine is constantly crashing as well. I’ve already sent so many crash reports. This is the worse product I’ve ever bought for $100.