Was that a man in a three piece suit who walked past my office door? That is a sight one doesn’t see every day at generally business-casual Blackboard. Actually, yesterday I saw quite a few suits walking around. What was all the fuss? Then it hit me, of course – it was Non-Casual Tuesday!

On the second Tuesday of each month the Product Development Team celebrates Non-Casual Tuesday. It is the day when engineers, QA staff, product managers and requirements experts dust off their suits and make a date with their iron. The usually casually dressed team gets all gussied up and, well, makes everyone smile.

It all started a couple of years ago when Michael Chasen was in charge of Product Development. He moved his office from the 11th floor down to the 7th floor where Product Development was located. Along with his desk, and one for his administrative assistant, he also brought his executive dress code. One Tuesday morning the entire Product Development Team decided to dress up too and thus Non-Casual Tuesday was born.

Here are some photos of our non-casual developers:

Nctues_004_2 Nctues_002_2 Nctues_003 Nctues_001

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