Do you remember that one subject in school that you could never quite understand? For me, it was chemistry. What is stoichiometry anyway? The class was moving too fast and the textbook was dry and confusing. Now, thanks to Salman Khan, there is a remedy for all the misunderstanding. We are thrilled that Salman Kahn will be a Keynote presenter at BbWorld, just 41 days away! As a pioneer in the education and technology world, he will speak about the need to rethink education. Previously a hedge fund analyst, Khan quit his job in order to start the Khan Academy, a nonprofit interactive learning system that caters to all students. Khan has delivered over 118 million lessons via free educational videos. Students are able to work at their own pace by pausing, rewinding, and solving problems. The lessons are interactive, engaging, and avoid the added pressure of a fast-paced class.

According to supporter Bill Gates, “Bringing this kind of creativity and new assessment tools for teachers could make a profoundly positive difference in education.” With four million unique student-viewers per month and over 3000 instructional video lectures, Khan is turning the education world on its head (literally). His method, “Flipping the Classroom” has students learn new subjects at home while working on homework-like activities in class. Topics are mastered in the classroom with teachers’ one on one help. The Khan Academy system provides time for teachers to instruct students on an individual basis. The software is beginning to humanize the classroom.

While Khan’s TED talk and 60 minutes feature have gone viral, his expertise and passion are even more impressive live. Armed with a strong education and a leg up in the technology world, Khan Academy’s pupils are the educators of tomorrow. Find out more about him from a USA TODAY article posted this morning, and don’t miss your opportunity to see a visionary in action. Register for BbWorld 2012 today!

About the author Andi is a summer marketing associate for Social@Blackboard, the digital and content marketing team. She is a current graduate student at Georgetown University in the Sports Industry Management program. Andi enjoys blogging about sports (specifically hockey) and traveling.

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