Melissa Stange, LMS System Administrator at Shenandoah University has told us not once, or twice, but NINE times why she wants to be a VIP Blogger at BbWorld! In fact, she said about DevCon 2011, “I was very surprised as to how much I learned and how normal people were. I am not sure if I was expecting for people to be running around with pocket protectors and talking in now understandable language, after all this was Bb’s technical aces…” So, while you might not have time to write nine posts by Friday, we hope you’ll give it a go and enter to be a VIP BbWorld Blogger and join us this summer. We are normal! Submissions will be accepted through Friday, May 4. And check out why Melissa wants to join us in NOLA!

I was waiting for something to start off this blog with and as I looked out my imaginary office window Blackboard, Inc. provided it! Blackboard World is right around the corner and it will take place in New Orleans this year in July. This year Blackboard is holding a contest to become a VIP BbWorld Blogger!

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Who wouldn’t want to be one of Blackboard’s (Bb) VIP Bloggers? They will help promote my blog, which will build my readership and help spread the word on the hot news being shared at the conference. The more readers they send to my blog … the more people who know about my session (7/11, 10:20a, rm. 391) … so I don’t have to present to an empty room. I would get backstage access, which means I not only get first hand comments from keynotes and Bb leaders but get to blog about sessions from a different view. One of the best things they are offering is reserved seating! If you have ever attended a Bb Keynote session you would know finding the perfect seat is difficult due to the number of attendees.

I teach students to Blog safely inside of Bb Learn each semester. I request that other faculty incorporate blogging into their classroom, yet this is my first blog post on my blog.I’ve worked in higher education for over 8 years and used Bb during the entire time. I have used it from the student (online & traditional), faculty, and administrator roles. I am completing my Ph.D. program online and if the stars keep aligned I will attend the conference as Dr. Stange. I currently work for Shenandoah University (a 3 time catalyst award winning school) as the Bb Administrator and Lord Fairfax Community College, which is part of the Virginia Community College System as an IST adjunct faculty member.

One of the decision factors in the VIP blogger contest is originality. This is where all my technical background seems to get in the way. I am just to logical thinking. I need your help in creative ways to promote Bb, BbWorld, and all related items on my blog. Please post your ideas, I will try to incorporate them while at BbDevCon and BbWorld. If I am selected as a Bb VIP Blogger and you are one of the first 15 to suggest a creative idea might get a small thank you gift also.

Please share this post with @Blackboard on Twitter and tell them why you think I should be a VIP BbWorld Blogger!

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