We asked K-12 students, parents, and district leaders to weigh in on their experiences with digital learning, and the numbers tell a powerful story. Take a look at the infographic below (or see the text alternative) for a glimpse of how digital learning is being used today, and what middle-schoolers, high-schoolers, and parents think of the shift.

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6 reasons why digital learning matters in K-12



Digital learning is key to students’ long-term success

Today’s learners are different. Students are preparing for a future we can only imagine, for careers we’ve yet to invent, and for ever-evolving workplaces. But we do know one thing: digital learning is key to students’ long-term success.

Six reasons you need to prepare learners for a fast-changing future:

1) It’s already happening

52% of 9-12th graders are taking tests online.

2) But students want more

53% of 6-12th graders want to use their own mobile devices for school work.

3) Because digital tools give students control

57% of middle-schoolers say online classes give them more control over their learning.

4) Make classroom learning fun

3 out of 5 flipped classroom teachers believe online learning increases student motivation.

5) And better prepare kids for the future

77% of parents consider the effective use of technology as important to their child’s future.

6) It’s working

61% of district leaders report positive outcomes from digital content implementation.


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