Because we’re born curious, learning is one of our most human traits. We know learning doesn’t end at the classroom door, or at graduation. We want to celebrate life-long curiosity with you.

So we invite you to join us in our journey of #100DaysOfLearning. We are giving away prizes every week just for sharing what you learn.

There are two steps you must complete in order to have a chance to win the grand prize giveaway of a $5,000 scholarship:

1.) Register to win prizes on— You only need to register once.

2.) Share something on your social network with hashtag #100DaysOfLearning at least once between Friday, December 4 and Friday, December 11.

See what others have learned so far:


Together we’ll share unique moments of discovery, through social posts with the hashtag #100DaysOfLearning. As you start logging what you learn every day, you’ll be surprised by how invigorating it is.

What we’re most excited about is how this project will showcase the global tie that binds—an innate inquisitiveness that is easy to overlook in our busy, day-to-day lives. This program is designed to highlight the moments of learning we all experience each day and prompt more discovery as we learn from each other.

After you register, all you have to do is learn (and share it). Share what you’re learning by adding the hashtag #100DaysOfLearning to your tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram photos, or Google+ posts.

See what others are learning at and be inspired. We guarantee that you’ll walk away from #100DaysOfLearning with a reinvigorated sense of curiosity and a pride in all you learn, every day.

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