Indiana University/Purdue University (IPFW) offers more than 200 academic programs from its campus in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Traditional face-to-face classes make up a majority of the courses, but online classes are growing fast due to demand from more than 12,000 students.

In an effort to stimulate learning in online classes, the university’s Center for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching (CELT) began providing streaming media technology to faculty. Although there was strong demand from the staff, the technology proved hard to use and only supported one file format. “Students were having problems accessing the media from different devices and the professors were asking for more in-depth capabilities,” said Samantha Birk, associate director for Instructional Technologies at CELT.

With faculty demand growing quickly, the university began an official search for a new, user-friendly solution that would support a wide variety of file formats, integrate well with the Blackboard Learn™ platform, and be easy to implement.

After carefully reviewing several options, the university selected Kaltura – a market-leading open source online video platform that allows faculty to easily create, edit and upload videos with a click of a button. Once the videos are uploaded to the cloud-based platform, students can view the videos from any device in any location. “Kaltura’s flexible and easy-to-use platform integrates well with Blackboard, allowing faculty to embed videos with specific lesson plans,” said Birk. “This solution provides a more rounded learning experience for our students.”

Dr. Jacob Millspaw is a fan of the solution, “The technology is a great way to get across complex concepts that would otherwise be impossible with text…The videos keep the online class more like a conversation, which helps with experimentation and learning.”

Check out the full case study to learn about how Dr. Millspaw takes advantage of the Kaltura solution in the classroom how Kaltura helped IPFW with its expanding media needs.


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