Today’s learners have a lot of challenges to overcome— not only are they paying a high price for their education, but they’re often juggling work, family, and finances all while trying to earn their degree. It’s why student success and completion have become a priority for almost all institutions. However, positive student outcomes require a comprehensive student retention strategy. Less than half of all institutions have full-time employees dedicated to student retention, which makes creating and implementing a strategy challenging.

The most successful student retention strategies are coordinated across the campus with the most successful strategies demonstrating strong leadership support and a commitment to becoming a learner centric campus. Everyone on campus, from the president to the financial aid office, is involved and coordinated in a concentrated student retention strategy in order to help students complete their goals.

Though each institution has its own unique risk factors, many of the challenges are similar. Blackboard helps institutions identify the data needed to analyze it in meaningful ways in order to develop a student retention strategy that will work for your institution. Take a look at the infographic below to start thinking about your student retention strategy, then download our free eBook, The Secret to Student Success: Effective practices to boost student retention and graduation rates.


Infographic on Student Retention Strategy





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