Santa Claus IS coming to town via our own Blackboard Collaborate technology! Here are two heart-warming stories that demonstrate how Santa has embraced the Digital Age, much to the delight of these kids.


No Bah Humbug at WCCA TV13 in Worcester, MA

Because of funding cut backs, the city eliminated the holiday festival component of their annual tree lighting, which included a visit from Santa. The parents were upset and complained, so WCCA employee Judy convinced the station to offer an alternative using Elluminate Live!

The station offered people the opportunity to come to the studio and tape shout outs and have their kids talk directly to Santa over our North Pole Cam. They set the kids up in the lobby with a large screen TV, and then set Santa up in the 2nd floor conference room in front of another large screen TV rigged to look like a window with curtains, a view of his workshop, and snow falling. Then as the kids came in with their parents, Santa would start talking to them, and they’d come over and chat with him.

“It was great,” says Judy. “I’m thinking this may become a tradition at the station. The staff couldn’t believe we pulled it off. Thanks again for producing such a versatile software.”


EBUS Academy Students Make Annual Visit to North Pole

At EBUS Academy in British Columbia, one of Raven Sundahl’s December “Wacky Wednesday” classes always features a visit with Santa. During their most recent virtual field trip to the North Pole, the kids visited with Santa via webcam, told Christmas jokes, sang holiday songs, watched a You Tube video of a dancing polar bear, learned how to make a treat for Santa’s reindeer, and visited the Elf Pal Academy website.

How is interviewing Santa educational? “It really does work to entice the kids to use Elluminate Live! and gets the parents involved,” concludes Raven. “My favorite thing to do at school is to moderate Elluminate Live! sessions! We have all kinds of fun learning about any topic you can imagine.” Read case study.

Happy Christmas to all. And to all a good night!

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