This week, Next Level Learning places the spotlight on Selling Power, a blog written by sales management expert Gerhard Gschwandtner, that provides news and insight for sales leaders. Of course, we selected it for the innovative coverage of the ways that sales training leads to sales success, but Gschwandtner also looks at other topics and trends that are driving sales power, including leadership, marketing, and social media. One of the postings that we highlight below is on “Salesperson 2.0” — definitely an interesting concept!

I like the ideas that Gschwandtner suggests but believe that sales training will play an equally important role in building “Salesperson 2.0”. I believe that sales training will evolve into more of a “sales coaching” role or “sales facilitating” role over the years, due to the conditions that Gschwandtner mentions, like real-time and collaborative communications. In fact, training can even improve due to these exact conditions. But either way, there will always be a role for sales training in the sales process!

Take a read through some of our favorite postings below and follow Gschwandtner on Twitter at @Gerhard20 for regular updates.

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