Student affairs and technology blogger Eric Stoller is not afraid to lay things out and tell it like it is. His blog over at Inside Higher Ed takes a macroscopic approach to examining how student affairs practitioners can leverage technology in a variety of educational settings. His expertise and insight extend from high-level analysis of what it means when we talk about innovation in the classroom to the nitty-gritty details of new tech adoption.

Stoller uses his reputation as an up and comingthought leader to look beyond trendy conversation topics and isolate the real value of the issue at hand. Take for example, his recent post on the very real problem of conflating technology and social media – he argues: “If we position social media at the core of our technology conversations, we are severely limiting ourselves.” And he’s right.  While both social media and technology need to play an important role in classroom development today, they cannot be considered two sides of the same coin.

One of the more useful parts of Stoller’s blog is how he approaches the intersection of education practices and technology as though they are part of a larger system of learning, something we at Blackboard like to do as well. This big picture view is exactly the kind of thinking that is needed to help create an atmosphere conducive to supporting today’s active learner.

Good news!  You can hear more of Eric Stoller’s perspectives straight from him at BbWorld 2012! His session is titled “The Mobile Campus Revolution: It’s Not Rocket Science, It’s Star Wars” and it promises to be chock full of good tech analysis.

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