In keeping up with current events and trends in the military and government space, I have become an avid reader of a blog called DoD Live.  It’s an official Department of Defense outlet that covers a wide range of topics related to the military, ranging from going “green” in the DoD to women’s interest topics to one of my top professional interests, military training. Perhaps my favorite aspect of DoD Live is this diverse range of topics that it covers, helping readers get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in our military.

Considering the wide variety of issues that are relevant to understanding the defense sector, as well as the continuous updates to federal policies and legislation that impact the DoD, being able to gain such a broad scope is quite valuable to those of us in the industry. One recent post of interest , entitled “American’s Military – A Profession of Arms,” came from the desk of General Martin E. Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.  The post highlighted a document of the same title that Chairman Dempsey released to articulate the ways the U.S. military is adapting as a profession.   In particular, he discussed how the military is seeking new ways to develop and retain knowledge through training and leadership development.  Ultimately, the goal of enhancing the military as a profession is to provide the next generation of service members with a solid foundation in institutional knowledge and mentorship. DoD Live also has a great Twitter feed, @DoDLiveMil, which is how I first found the blog.  Be sure to follow them on Twitter or add DoD Live to your RSS feed for real-time updates from this fantastic resource!

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