So what does workplace learning look like today?  That’s a question that Brandon Hall Research CEO Richard Nantel and his collaborators address on their blog almost every day.   Focusing on the latest and greatest in training and development, performance support, job aids, learning technologies, talent management, organizational learning, and other aspects of adult learning, the blog is a must-read for those in or moving towards blended, social and other forms of online learning in the workplace.  Of course, as the role of technology grows in the corporate education world, so does the importance of tuning in to blogs like this. So what makes this particular blog so great?  It is a general rule in blogging that less is often more. Workplace Learning Today gets that so right with bite-size yet invaluable recommendations on research, news, tips, and tools, bringing the best of online learning in the workplace to light.  Some headlines that caught my eye in the past few weeks:

· New issue of the International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning (IJMBL)

·        14 Ways to Spark Innovation

·        The Promise of Using Social Media for Diversity Training

·        Incorporating games into your training: A free trial is a great way to get started Intriguing, isn’t it?  We at the Professional Education division of Blackboard are definitely following it!

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