What do students,
teachers, the Baltimore
and the Blackboard
Learn, Release 9.1
environment have in common? These activities and people
were all part of the latest Executive Symposium hosted by the K-12 team at
Blackboard. 27 district administrators gathered in Baltimore’s Inner harbor on May 11th to engage with colleagues and the Blackboard K-12 team. Many conversations
took place over this two day period, with topics ranging from online
, mass
, creating district
and doing
more with less
. Attendees enjoyed some peanuts and crackerjacks at the old
ballgame and even though the Oriole's lost that night, our guests enjoyed networking and conversing in the park.  

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We were honored and thankful to be hosted by Bert Ross and Mike Smith of Baltimore City Public Schools. BCPS has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by putting their professional development program online and has extended learning to many of their students with online courses in the Blackboard environment. Students and teachers from four Baltimore schools also joined us for a panel discussion at the Digital Harbor High School. 

During the panel, which ranged from elementary through high school students, an 11th grader who confessed to a slow start in high school credited Blackboard for allowing him to display his homework and grades. This ability helped him build a sense of trust between he and his mom and created a common activity for them both to partake in during the academic year. We were also pleased to have had Pat Teske and Jeannine Richardson from the Arlington County Public Schools share their path to success through online learning for students and teachers. They have seen a significant increase in online learning since implementing their content into Blackboard Learn for K-12 in their schools.  

We look forward to our next symposium in the fall. If you are interested in attending BbWorld 2010 or any of the upcoming events centered around online learning for schools and districts, please contact me



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