Blackboard_client_success_logo I went to my first NASCAR race this month in Richmond, Virginia.  I will be honest and say that my expectations were low.  Before going, I just kept wondering, you stand at the track watching really loud cars drive around and around and around, so: “Where’s the real excitement?”

Wow, were my expectations blown out the tailpipe!

First, the feeling of adrenaline in the crowd at the track thrilled me.  Then there was the excitement of the race itself, with car crashes, position changes amongst the leaders, more crashes and more lead changes.

My NASCAR evening was one of the most exciting times I’ve ever had at a sporting event.  Now I am officially a NASCAR fan.

So, of course, the point of this post is to demonstrate that you never know what will happen when you try new things.  This is the attitude I’m taking to a “Customer Care” conference I’ll be attending next month for our Client Success initiative.  Customer care is what we do, but I can always learn more.  And my work at a conference like this is to take every opportunity to discover new ideas about how other organizations are facing the challenge of communicating with, and providing the best service to, their clients.

For clients there are many ways to become more involved with us at Blackboard, such as joining a user group, participating in the Blackboard Idea Exchange, or reading and posting to one of the client-driven listservs.

And, during BbWorld ‘08 in Las Vegas this July, I encourage you to take every opportunity: try out a session you normally wouldn’t attend, grab a Blackboard employee and ask her or him that question you’ve been dying to get an answer to, or – like a NASCAR driver – just take another lap around the buffet table for that third serving or piece of dessert.

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