The Blackboard blog team is heading west – to San Diego, California

We’ve packed our bags (plenty of logo-wear for the week).  We’ve got our presentations loaded up on USB drives.  We’ve set our Out of the Office email message (and pray that we don’t inadvertently spam the various listservs we couldn’t figure out how to unsubscribe to).  We’ve got our cameras.  We’ve got our cell phones charged and ready to go.   We’ve got our schedules organized so we get to the right place at the right time.  We’ve checked the for the forecast (see below).

We’re all excited about Bb World ‘06 because it promises to be the best Blackboard users conference ever!  If you can’t join us, we hope you’ll enjoy our dispatches from the conference floor. 

If you’re at Bb World ‘06 please stop by and say hello.  I’ll be in the Building Blocks booth or hanging out in our wireless-enabled Developers Lounge right next door. 

See you in San Diego!  Sandiegoweather

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