to the inaugural entry for the Blackboard Blog on Assessment! My name is
Charlyne Walker, and I will function as your “tour guide” on this assessment
journey. I am currently the Director of Outcomes Marketing here at Blackboard. I
L_outcomesAssesment the Blackboard team in May of this year after spending the last 20 years
working in higher education. I hold a doctorate in Leadership and Education
with a specialty in Educational Technology and have served as both a teaching
faculty member as well as an administrator in higher education. In my last
position, I served as Director of Educational Research and Assessment for the
College of Arts and Sciences at a large public university in South Florida.

so many things in the assessment space to occupy our time and attention, why do
we need to blog about it?

goal is for this space is to provide a place for experts, both inside and
outside of Blackboard, to share best practices, discuss issues and solutions
related to assessment, and communicate ideas of how to use assessment to
enhance the educational experience. We will not focus on products, but on assessment
practice, although we will keep you up-to-date about what Blackboard is doing
in this space. You can find more information online at Blackboard
Learn for Outcomes Assessment

is no longer just for “assessment professionals.” It is now the job of everyone
in education. Some of the posts will be of interest to those working directly
on assessment initiatives, but others will focus on assessment in the broader
arena of teaching and learning. The goal is to provide a place for reflection

  • the
    best practices in this ever evolving space
  • the
    manner in which assessment can become a part of the cultural fabric of an

  • the
    use of assessment to leverage our limited resources to the greatest advantage

you interested in joining us on this journey? Subscribe to the blog and don’t
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