We believe that giving learners and educators an experience designed to work for them and help them more easily achieve their true goals can aid the changing landscape of the educational experience. That belief is why the Blackboard User Experience team is continually refining, modernizing and improving the design of our products, and why Jay talks of an ever-increasing focus in this area.

With the MyEdu acquisition announced recently, we bring together not just two amazing product sets from Blackboard and MyEdu for our customers, but we also bring together two groups of designers who are intensely dedicated to crafting experiences that help make teaching and learning as simple and as valuable as it can be.

I’m pleased to welcome to Blackboard the MyEdu design team, led by Jon Kolko. Jon and his team are intensely focused on the needs of students. The team’s passion for helping students succeed and their expertise in designing elegant solutions is evident in the MyEdu experience and in any conversation with them.

Team 3

Back: Jon Kolko, Stephanie Weeks; Front: Chad Fisher, Pat Marsh, Matt Franks

A Note from Jon:
As Stephanie noted, the combination of MyEdu and Blackboard points to a new value promise for students and faculty. MyEdu helps students succeed in college, tell their story in a meaningful way, and find jobs and internships. When fully integrated into the Blackboard ecosystem, students will be able to utilize their Blackboard/MyEdu Profile to secure jobs, collaborate in class, manage credits across schools, keep informed about academic deadlines and due dates, connect with other students and faculty, and better deal with the ambiguity of college life.

MyEdu’s products have traditionally been “design-led”, where capabilities, aesthetic choices, and even business decisions are shaped by a focus on what’s best for end users. In the complex world of higher education, students often act as their own champions, and the MyEdu product suite is intended to support this sense of autonomy and self-sufficiency.  Blackboard’s design team has worked directly with faculty to help make their lives easier and to add value to the classroom. We’re excited to see how the two teams, working together, can help continue Blackboard’s strategic focus on products that are compelling, easy to use, and that are built on an empathetic focus with students and faculty. I’m excited to see how design can drive change through Blackboard, and I look forward to bringing some of our startup speed and culture to such a prominent and established company.

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