On June 28, KRM International Services hosted a webinar that focused on the proven strategies for successful e-learning. Leading the discussion were Jeff Cobb of Tagoras, Kathy Benton of SCUP, and Barbara Swarthout from IFEBP. View the slides from the presentation here.
During the presentation, I learned that more than 93 percent of organizations already use or are planning to use e-learning.  I was pleasantly surprised by the high number, and I could not help but think that not everyone is using e-learning the right way. So, how do organizations incorporate an online learning environment successfully? Learn more by listening to the full recording here or just keep reading.

Here are the Top 10 Strategies for Success in E-Learning that I compiled from the webinar:
1)    Don’t forget to listen
2)    Emphasize a concrete outcome (course certificates, continuing education credit, etc.)
3)    Be willing to experiment (take educated risks)
4)    Don’t be afraid to be a leader
5)    Use an integrated approach (involve your staff, technology, and business model in the process)
6)    Manage expectations and get buy-in from organizational leadership
7)    Focus your marketing efforts (hint: go where your market already exists!)
8)    Find ways to partner with others on shared topics of interest
9)    Re-purpose your content (e-learning courses, downloads, etc.)
10) Define what ongoing success means for your organization

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