We had a chance to glimpse the winners of the Greenhouse Communities of Practice a couple of weeks ago. This week, we’ll be looking at the Exemplary Course Award Winners. Today we’ll look at the winners of the Exemplary Non-Course (i.e. professional development or other use of Blackboard outside the classroom) and Online Course (80% or greater online) categories.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Greenhouse Exemplary Course Award program, it is designed to help cultivate innovations in e-learning and support the organic growth of knowledge within the Blackboard community. The award program recognizes and rewards faculty and instructional designers who create technologically rich and pedagogically sound online courses.

Exemplary Non-Course Winner: Wichita Public Schools
STEPs (Standards for Teachers through Educational Projects): a professional development program designed to help K-12 teachers learn new technology skills, create project-based lessons, and meet the International Society for Technology in Education’s (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) for Teachers.


  • Robin Surland
  • Cammy Todd
  • Marcia Jeans
  • Jim Clark
  • Deanna Somers

Here’s what Robin had to say about the process of entering and of winning:
"Putting a course online really makes you look critically at every bit of your curriculum and make hard decisions about what is really important for people to learn. This course has transformed professional development in our school district and we are proud that Blackboard recognizes this accomplishment."

Exemplary Online Winner: William Rainey Harper College
E-Commerce Development: This course introduces foundation concepts in E-Commerce and provides students practice as they create their own e-commerce stores. The E-Commerce Development course was designed specifically with cross-program utilization in mind and contains topics useful for business, information systems, and web development majors. The online course has been revamped and redesigned to provide individualized project options as well as group collaborative activities.


  • Terry Morris

Terry’s comments about being selected as a winner:
"It is very rewarding to know that my work was reviewed by a panel and judged favorably against Greenhouse rubric. This motivates me as I look forward to the future – discovering new technology tools to use, updating existing courses, identifying new courses to develop, and, of course, coaching and mentoring students."

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