If you’re following our blog, then you might already know that Watson Pharmaceuticals, a client of the Blackboard Professional Education Group, just won the Silver Award at the Fall 2010 CLO Symposium’s special awards ceremony.  But now you must be wondering what it takes to become an award-winning leader in workplace learning.  The answer?  A willingness to embrace innovation and optimize e-learning for success!

Watson is a great success story of a corporation meeting the challenge of considerable sales training needs.  Thanks to the leadership of the Sales Training & Development team, Watson effortlessly transitioned its program from binders and last minute meetings to a continuous learning environment.  This transition not only improved sales presentations, it improved sales.

The nation’s third-largest prescription drug provider needed to prepare over 400 learners, including sales representatives, sales managers, and sales directors.

Thanks to buy-in from senior management and a readiness to transform to a more collaborative environment, Watson selected a blended learning strategy based on Blackboard’s interactive online training program.


  • Round-the-clock virtual classroom access
  • A truly engaged, motivated, and confident sales team
  • Better communication between departments
  • Cost and time savings
  • Boost in sales!!!

This is just a snapshot.  You can read more secrets to Watson’s professional learning success in the full case study here.

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