Blackboard’s newest content partner is three times the win.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Vital Source Technologies, the world’s leading e-textbook provider. The business model from Vital Source provides a ”win-win-win” solution for students, faculty, and institutions:

  • Instructors win as they can take a critical first step towards digital adoption with easy access to digital textbooks and analytical tools for usage reporting, all directly within the Blackboard Learn platform.
  • Students win with an affordable way to purchase and access course materials on multiple devices, and with cutting-edge features such as integrated notes, highlights, annotations, and more.
  • Institutions win with simple content distribution, a uniform student experience and integrated enterprise-level analytics.

The e-textbook experience the Blackboard and Vital Source partnership provides within your Blackboard Learn course is convenient and consistent.  VitalSource® Bookshelf® provides faculty with the largest e-textbook inventory at 300,000+ titles.

Meeting the Expectations of Both Learners & Educators

Among the key market forces driving faculty and students to choose e-texts over traditional textbooks:

Mobile. This is the first time students and instructors are able to access both their courses and e-textbooks through Blackboard Mobile Learn, which is available as a native application on iOS and Android devices.  VitalSource e-textbooks are configured to work with the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple iPod touch, Android, and Amazon Kindle Fire devices in addition to online/browser-based access. This provides a truly “anywhere, anytime, downloadable or in the cloud” experience. And, no matter how or where e-textbooks are read, the notes and highlights will always be in sync.

Savings. Institutions and instructors have the opportunity to recommend a lower-cost textbook option to students.

Clarity. An improved reading experience allows instructors to direct students to the exact section of an e-textbook. This eliminates confusion about required readings, leading to higher engagement in course materials.

Choice. Institutions and instructors have access to a complete catalog of e-textbooks because of the collaboration Vital Source has with over 300 publishers from around the world. Instructors may be able to sample content they are evaluating directly within their course, and choose titles they would like to adopt.

The ability to access Vitalsource Bookshelf  within the Blackboard Learn platform is a triple win for countless educators and students alike.


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