I attended a luncheon honoring the success of Fairfax Public Schools (VA) in
providing a first-class education to their students – including the
incorporation of technology in education. One of the district’s many
accomplishments is the creation of a district virtual school to serve a diverse
student population. Fairfax is not alone in this effort. Many districts across
the country have created virtual schools to enable students to access courses
they can’t get at their school or that just won’t fit into their schedule. This
summer, Blackboard K-12 captured a few district leaders on video as they
discussed the benefits of district-based virtual schools, including the ability
to deliver an engaging, personalized educational experience to students.

are on the forefront of this movement. They are asking their schools for
virtual learning opportunities – for opportunities to learn at their own pace and
take control of their learning. Some students even feel more comfortable to
‘speak up’ and interact with other classmates and their teachers in an online
setting. In this video,
Brittany, a student from North Carolina Virtual School, shares how online
learning enabled her to learn independently, preparing her for future successes
in college and a career.  

We know some districts want to get started with a virtual schools but just
don’t know where to begin. This Spring, a leader
Florida Virtual School shared
tips on how districts can get started. The
webinar was recorded and is available
for playback
. As always, I’m here if you have questions or want more
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