Built into Blackboard Learn with the Ultra experience is a smart analytics solution – a way for instructors to track student progress and identify students who need help or support. Similarly, we help students to gain personal insight into their own progress. Instructors see rich, robust graphs of their students and can compare student activity to grade performance. Students receive subtle nudges, reminding them of upcoming assignments and helping guide them towards better academic behavior.


Subtle Nudge


Our latest release of these analytics capabilities adds refinement to the way students experience these nudges, and a targeted communication mechanism to connect study partners through teacher mediated interactions.

Students who are struggling in a class may see a stream notification urging them to get in touch with a study partner. They can ask for specific or generalized help, and an instructor or teaching assistant can make a match with another student. Similarly, students who are performing at the top of their class can volunteer to help, taking pride in their accomplishments and supporting the larger community of learning.


Mentorship and Guidance


We hope students and teachers will benefit from these enhancements to our in-Learn analytics.

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