It’s hard to believe that the holiday season is upon us again! As we look toward the coming year, here are some technology trends in professional education worth watching closely in 2011:

Activity Streams – Online learning is all about utilizing new, social technologies for education, right?  Well, not exclusively.  Our industry is beginning to think about the information in new ways too, specifically as “Activity Streams.” George Siemens calls this information splicing — “selecting the type of information and social interaction streams that are needed to address a particular topic or area of interest at a particular time.”  Good examples include Google Groups or a Facebook news feed.

Mobile Learning – The practice of “mobile learning” is finally moving into the spotlight, although mobile technology itself has been around for a while now. Mobile technologies are advancing at a lightning pace, however, and as more people use tablets like iPads and its soon-to-arrive competitors, as well as other new devices we haven’t even imagined yet, we expect mobile learning to evolve rapidly as well. Janet Clarey is getting prepared for the mobile future by reading Gary Woodill’s newest book The Mobile Learning Edge. Check out her review.

To learn more about Blackboard’s Mobile division, which built the Blackboard Mobile Central and Blackboard Mobile Learn applications, check out their blog:

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