Tips for Training & Retaining Employees


Are you a company that’s struggling with retaining good employees (and attracting new ones)? If so, it may be time to rethink your training program.

After competitive salary and health insurance, professional development now ranks top on employees’ job selection criteria. It’s no wonder why.

Whether it’s a new college graduate that’s entering the workforce who lacks critical skills or a seasoned employee whose own skills are considered “outdated,” each worker must fight to stay relevant in an ever-changing marketplace. These employees are competing not only with their peers for jobs but with automation as well.

When workers get stuck on a professional problem, if a training resource isn’t readily available, they will often resort to a familiar habit: “Just Google it.” There are obvious inherent risks to both the employee and the company with relying on information sourced from the public domain, which is why Learning & Development leaders are viewing their employee training programs through a new lens.

Key questions these leaders are asking include:

  • Does the program address my needs of a dispersed and highly mobile workforce?
  • Are we providing the right mix of online, in-person, and in-the-moment training?
  • Are we offering professional development opportunities beyond just corporate policy training?
  • Is our program scalable and dynamic, and designed to meet the needs of our employees in an engaging way?

Given that the stakes are high—84 percent of organizations will face workforce disruption* within the next five years—many training organizations are accelerating their plans to lay a foundation for growth. And they’re getting creative with ways to merge their companies’ objectives with those of their employees, creating win-win situations that both improve productivity and promote retention.

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*Source: Society for Human Resources’ Human Capital Benchmarking Report 2016.