Hi Blackboard Users!  I am one of the Blackboard Learn Product Marketers and am back to share more about how educators are using the Content Collection in Blackboard Learn to make life easier and save time.

I started this conversation at the end of last year and after having my son and being away from the office for a few months I am finally picking it back up.  For the first two tips I shared please check my previous blog.

Before I dive in, I want to share a great introduction video for people just getting familiar with the Content Collection (or Content Management module).  This was created by Melissa Kern, our Lead Designer for the Content Management module, and is good to share with new users or any educators that haven’t had a chance to check out the content management tools in Blackboard Learn.  This product video is on Release 9.1, SP6. Take a look and pass along!

Link to the screencast here.

In my previous blog post, I shared two tips on how to use the Content Collection to save time: Tip #1 – One copy is all you need;  Tip #2 – Save time. Update once. These two tips are incredibly important for instructors teaching multiple sections or leveraging the same course content in multiple courses.

My next tip is about “access” – being more efficient with your time by having access to your files and documents from anywhere at any time.

This idea of “anytime, anywhere access to files” seems pretty simple and you would think that most educators already do this, but unfortunately, it isn’t always the case.  I was recently talking to a group of faculty members at a community college in the Midwest and heard a lot of complaints about not having access 24/7. Lots of schools, for example, provide shared drives that are only available when an educator is ‘plugged’ in on campus.  Since they can’t access the file off campus, they end up emailing files to themselves (via their personal emails) to work on at home or on their laptop at the local coffee shop.  Or, they are carrying a bunch of thumb drives with various files on them.  This can work but it is not ideal and wastes lots of time and energy.  If you are already accessing Blackboard multiple times a day to work on your courses, input grades, comment on discussion boards, etc., then why not store all your files (e.g., course content, committee docs, personal research) in Blackboard also?  That way everything is handy and you can get to it from anywhere, at any time. Not to mention this lets you easily share and collaborate with others, but let’s save that for next time.

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