The Keeping Pace with K-12 Online Learning report is now out, with an overview of the latest policies, practices and trends affecting online learning programs across all 50 states. I was honored to serve on the sponsor committee on behalf of Blackboard, providing guidance and leadership on this year’s publication.

Here is some top line information from this year’s report.

  • 48 states provide online learning opportunities but no state provides the full range of online learning opportunities identified in the report.
  • While K-12 online learning continues to grow rapidly, the shape and pace of growth is uneven between states.
  • 450,000 students are currently enrolled in state online programs
  • 200,000 students are currently enrolled in full time online programs
  • The fastest growing segment of K-12 online learning is in individual school districts. Keeping Pace estimates that 50% of school districts in the nation either have an internal online learning program or are in the planning stages to implement. 1.5 million students participate in district online learning programs.

The report also identified emerging trends in K-12 online learning. The research stated, “Several important issues are emerging as online learning becomes more widespread and evolves into offerings at the district level. A key issue is the role of blended learning—a mix of online and face-to-face instruction. Other issues are competency-based learning, school turnarounds, and mobile learning.”

I am proud to say that Blackboard continues to provide leadership with the trends and data as proven by this year’s findings. Our leading work with mobile learning is highlighted in the report, “Leading online content and platform providers from Apex Learning to Blackboard that dominate the K-12 virtual learning landscape are developing and providing mobile tools in anticipation of the next frontier. Blackboard, for example, has recently released its Mobile Learning solution promoting collaboration and productivity between teachers, students, and parents through a variety of mobile devices.”

Our offerings beyond traditional online learning, including communication, mobile and collaboration tools help users meet these new demands. The wealth of resources we provide, from implementation frameworks, planning and implementation strategy, technical and professional development support an extensive network of successful clients. The state of K-12 online learning is strong and Blackboard is ready to partner with states and districts to achieve success.

To access the 2010 Keeping Pace report, download graphics and use interactive online resources, visit the Keeping Pace web site and to read more from the Keeping Pace staff, check out their blog:


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