In order to better understand the ways instructors are using digital content in the college classroom, Blackboard hired O’Donnell Learn, an independent research firm, to conduct a broad research effort with faculty members last year. The study, based on 427 survey respondents and 60 focus group participants, showed a clear and consistent shift to digital content in college classrooms.

The Primary Driver: Students

The shift from print to digital content has reached critical mass and continues to accelerate. Today’s traditional college students are the first generation of socially networked digital natives, and they expect instant access to digital resources. Walk on any college campus and it is clear that nearly 100% of students are consuming digital content already. Laptops are widely seen as necessary college survival tools, and a majority of students across all socio-economic levels now have access to a smartphone or other mobile device.

Blackboard Continues to Facilitate the Shift to Digital

Through our new partnership with Macmillan Higher Education we’re helping faculty facilitate and customize their courses to better match their students’ needs.  To meet the demands of today’s students, the partnership facilitates:

  • Seamless access to Macmillan digital resources directly from within Blackboard Learn;
  • One gradebook that automatically posts grades from Macmillan assessments & assignments, giving student and instructors one destination to monitor class performance; and
  • Familiar workflows for students & faculty so that it’s easier to find, adopt, and digest content within their native Blackboard Learn workflow.

Tested and proven with instructors, this integration offers direct access to Macmillan’s high quality, flexible online solutions, including Macmillan Portals and Macmillan Classes. And, with all course resources and grades into one place, instructors and students can enjoy one integrated online teaching and learning experience.

There’s More – NEW Innovative Cloud-Based Delivery

The Macmillan deep integration is the first partner integration to be delivered through the Blackboard Partner Cloud™., which streamlines our inventory of content building blocks into a single registration and activation process and accelerates the delivery of new Macmillan features and product updates.

Blackboard will continue to facilitate the shift to digital and will seek ways with our digital content partners to help students learn in the way they choose to do so.

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