On Thursday, May 19, Blackboard sponsored an ASTD webinar featuring David Mallon, Principal Analyst with Bersin & Associates. The event, entitled The Next Generation of Sales Training focused on “what’s working and what’s to come.” During his presentation, Mallon touched on how the following areas have been impacted by the new generation of the sales force and how technology has changed them:

  • Evolving learning functions
  • New approaches to corporate training
  • Next generation sales training
  • The evolution of leadership & development
  • Multiple generations in the workplace

One of the key highlights from the webinar was a case study about Keller Williams Realty and how it has implemented video-based learning called “KW Connect” – similar to an internal YouTube service but more structured. Keller Williams realized that when realtors engage longer in training, they don’t need as much time in the field in order to close sales. The company found that in order to get the most engagement with half the amount of time in training (and to get the best results), video was the best solution.

Another interesting tidbit from the webinar was the new challenges that businesses are facing in 2011. With so many companies focusing on dedicating resources to growing their business, all while under a tight budget, Bersin & Associates asked companies to share what their top business challenges are this year.  The chart below provides the responses. 

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