The Blizzard of 2010 blanketed many parts of the country with stronger than usual winter weather patterns and incredible snow accumulations forcing hundreds of school districts to close. Teachers and students were forced to stay home, and this, without a doubt, created challenging situations for Superintendents and district leaders. Many districts were closed for more than a week, disrupting lesson plans and testing schedules, particularly if the school district did not have access to an online learning system or a plan for education continuity

Despite the uncooperative weather that caused these inconveniences, I was lucky enough to miss both storms entirely because I was attending the ERDI Winter Session I and the National Conference on Education sponsored by AASA. It was quite the coincidence that during these events, I was able to see Blackboard Connect, in action. As the ERDI I Conference got underway, Superintendents left and right were on the phone with their school boards and district leaders evaluating the weather conditions back home. During one meeting, a Superintendent from the Midwest proved the value of the Blackboard Connect technology when he was able to send a voice message in a matter of minutes to all the constituents in his district, notifying them of a two hour delay the following morning. The power of Blackboard’s notification platform right before my own eyes and ears was something I had never seen before!

I am looking forward to catching up with these Superintendents in hopes of capturing their successes and sharing them with you in the future. Make sure to check out the Superintendent videos coming soon

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