Gathering course evaluation feedback is an increasingly important aspect of institutions’ strategic decisions. Academic leaders value research and data analysis to identify areas for institutional training enhancement. There are an abundant number of solutions in the area of feedback management, but how can institutions harness the right data?

This past fall, Blackboard gave a major nod to the importance of data-driven enhancement when we began offering our enterprise survey tool as part of the core Blackboard Learn product.

Recently, eXplorance, a leading enterprise feedback management provider, has become a Blackboard Premier Partner. eXplorance has more than 150 clients utilizing the Blackboard Learn integration it developed in 2010. This Premier Partnership allows for a greater collaboration between the two companies through increased technical, marketing, and sales support.

“Feedback management plays an increasingly important role as institutions place more emphasis on data-driven decision making,” Ted Hopper, Blackboard Vice President of Business Development, said. “Through our partnership with eXplorance, we are able to offer a wide range of optimized course evaluation and survey tools, which is critically important to our clients.”

Blackboard Partnerships has always strived to offer clients their choice of powerful integrated solutions. eXplorance Blue (link to eXplorance Web site) solution enables Blackboard Learn clients to:

  • Deploy and access real-time consolidated feedback data from multiple sources directly inside of Blackboard Learn
  • Address the complex needs of a multi-layered higher education hierarchy, enabling each stakeholder in the organization to have the power and control over the feedback process
  • Reach high engagement and feedback response rates with unique customization of course evaluation surveys and feedback reports
  • Create a culture of continuous training and improvement

eXplorance customer satisfaction ratings are second to none, including a 98 percent client retention rate in nine years since their founding. Earlier this year, eXplorance and Blackboard Partnerships collaborated on a case study with the University of Louisville, which showcased Blue’s ease of implementation and integration with the Blackboard Learn platform.

For more information on the partnership, please visit, or email the Blackboard Partnerships team at

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