4 reasons to join us in Manchester from 9th to 12th April 2018

Blackboard’s Teaching and Learning Conference (TLC) is, is entering its 9th edition. Each year the TLC gathers influencers from the teaching and learning community, offering a unique opportunity to discover the latest education technology innovations, share best practices and network with peers from across Europe and beyond. After having been on tour in Europe for the past two editions, the next TLC will be back in the UK and will take place at the University of Manchester from 9th to 12th April 2018.

There are many reasons to attend the TLC, but we have identified 4 key rationales as to why you shouldn’t miss this unique experience.

1- Discover the latest development in product and innovation

The TLC attendees will have the chance to deep dive into our unmatched portfolio of solutions and services with dedicated sessions that will walk you through the latest developments and innovations we have been delivering.

The popular Community Knowledge Bar will be making a return, and representatives from our sponsors will have designated space for you to meet and have one to one engagement with their experts.

2- Build your community – network and meet fellow professionals

We all enjoyed the 2017 edition of the TLC at Bocconi University in Milan, with over 440 delegates from 28 countries, representing more than 100 institutions. During the event, attendees had the chance to discuss best practice, learn from peers’ experiences and engage with education experts.

The Teaching & Learning Conference 2018 will continue to provide a unique forum to share your insight, meet other educational leaders and build your community of fellow professionals. Networks built at the TLC last far beyond the event.

3- Meet valuable partners – expand your knowledge and connections

Blackboard isn’t alone in tackling educational challenges; we have a number of partners who are developing products to complement your institution’s learning management system. By joining us in 2018, you will be able to meet with these industry partners in our exhibit area and throughout the conference. You will leave the TLC with key insights into the latest future-proof solutions – supporting you and your students today and tomorrow.

4- Share your experience

The TLC is not only about us, it is about you, your milestones and your successes.. Have you got something you would like to share with your peers? Why don’t you join our array of talented speakers? The TLC will be the perfect opportunity for you to present your findings and share best practices. Last year, the TLC saw a record number of submissions and we have every reason to believe that the 2018 conference will be even more popular. This is your opportunity to exchange innovative ideas with your fellow professionals’, sharing the key insights you have discovered from your own personal challenges.

We will be announcing our call for presentations via our website in the near future.

We look forward seeing you in Manchester, as we bring TLC back to the UK.

Registration for the event will be opening very soon. Stay up to date with the latest information about TLC by visiting our website and signing up for our newsletter.

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