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We really enjoyed reading the blog post by Tim Flood, Senior Technology Consultant and Program Manager, Stanford Mobile Program, just published as part of EDUCAUSE’s 5-Day Mobile Computing Sprint. In his article, “Who is driving the influx of new technologies?,” Tim provides expert advice to university technologists when it comes to deploying (and embracing) vendor technologies to transform business processes. A brief excerpt:

“Be agile of mind, light of step. In an age when the technology will change before your carefully written strategic ink is dry, the last thing your institution needs from you is another exhaustive study of technological options. A great example is mobile technology. I am perplexed as I frequently read of the ‘need for an institutional mobile strategy’ and of consulting firms’ claims that they can help you build yours. The truth is we all have very limited experience in mobile technology to begin with! But what is our knee-jerk reaction to new things? Let’s study them! We can be so hopelessly … academic. Meanwhile, new technologies gush forth from the wellspring every day. And what’s more, these new technologies, particularly mobile, require active learning through rapid prototyping, experimenting, changing, and yes, failing. We can be so … serious. Let’s have a little fun again! We can be agile of mind, light of step, and strategic all at once!”

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Hear more from Tim next Wednesday, May 4th when he joins Blackboard Mobile to talk about iStanford past, present and future. Learn more.

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