The Classroom Of The Future Is Here



Blackboard and AWS are expanding their relationship to unlock what’s next for the virtual classroom

The delineation between in-person and online learning has dissolved. While this was potentially already in progress before 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has ensured that learners’ paths toward their educational goals will no longer remain a static experience in one format or the other. As the virtual classroom becomes a mainstay of education moving forward, we recognize that collaboration tools need to be specifically designed for digital learning in order to facilitate meaningful educational interactions. That’s why we’ve taken steps to enhance our virtual classroom solution, Blackboard Collaborate, working with AWS.

As learners continue to become more empowered, taking control of their educational destinations, educators and administrators have a tremendous opportunity to offer personalized experiences, fueled by data, which can accompany students—no matter their circumstances. Providing this requires not only cutting-edge technology, but deep education expertise. By expanding our relationship with AWS, Blackboard is leveraging best-in-class technology so that we can focus on what makes us the leaders in EdTech—education-first innovations.

As global leaders in our respective fields, Blackboard and AWS are proud to announce the integration of AWS’s Amazon Chime SDK service into Blackboard Collaborate. With this advancement, the Amazon Chime SDK will help us deliver next-class stability, speed, Machine Learning-driven noise cancelation, reliability and exquisite audio-visuals. By allowing AWS to handle these areas of specialized expertise, we will continue to focus on pedagogically-sound enhancements. Additionally, with AWS’s secure global infrastructure, we can accelerate the pace by which we bring innovations to market—meaning more robust, capable tools and features available to you faster than ever.

We are excited by this opportunity to usher in a new era of EdTech, one which blurs the lines of technology and interpersonal facilitation for every classroom. The continuation of our relationship with AWS allows us to remain focused and dedicated on our mission to advance learning together with you.