With summer in full swing, Blackboard Connect is gearing up for its annual user and professional development conference, BbWorld 2011. This year’s event takes place in Las Vegas, hosting thousands of educators, administrators and other professionals for nearly a week of informative, in-depth sessions developed specifically for avid Blackboard users.

Blackboard Connect will be featured in nearly 20 different sessions designed to help clients learn the latest about our service enhancements as well as valuable new use cases. With the majority of presentations being led by Connect experts and advocates, this year’s conference will be a great forum for sharing best practices and innovative techniques for making the most of Blackboard Connect.

For those attending the event, we have compiled a list of some of the absolutely-can’t-miss sessions being presented at BbWorld 2011.

Integrating Social Media into Student’s Lives and Learning

Hosted by Travis Sowders, this session will discuss how educators, administrators and local government officials are using various social media channels, in conjunction with Blackboard Connect and Blackboard Learn 9.1, to communicate effectively and support teaching and learning.

The Achievement Gap – Helping the Underserved Compete in the Global Economy

In correlation with the recently published whitepaper, Dr. Rudy Crew, former superintendent of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, will lead a session discussing the current state of today’s students and the challenges K-12 educators face in producing successful leaders of tomorrow capable of competing in the global workplace.

R Ur Students Listening? How to Connect with Mobile Students and Improve Engagement and Performance

Join Blackboard Connect’s Melissa Mintz, for a presentation demonstrating how universities across the country are using Blackboard Connect to target campus populations. By sending timely messages, universities are experiencing improved success keeping students engaged as they grow increasingly dependent on mobile devices.

Strategic Enrollment Solutions with the Blackboard Connect Solution

Across the country, universities are under pressure to raise and retain student engagement while working with limited budgets and strained class and instructor resources. Learn how Nevada State College is using Blackboard Connect to send strategic messages to meet heightened expectations in a higher education institution.

To stay up-to-date on all the sessions and latest happenings while at BbWorld 2011, download the mobile app, available for the iPhone and Android devices. In addition to all the informative sessions, Blackboard Connect will be making a MAJOR announcement at this year’s event. Even if you will not be in attendance, be sure to visit www.blackboard.com/connect on July 11 to find out what’s next for Blackboard Connect users.

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