Guest blog post by Lacie Crone, Online Technologies Coordinator for Ivy Tech Community College and a 2012 BbWorld VIP Blogger.

Last year I had the privilege of being a BbWorld VIP Blogger. Now I have attended a good number of conferences over my careers, but this was the first time I had ever decided to blog about my experience. When you make the decision to share your conference experience with others through a blog, you find that events end up taking on a whole new and deeper meaning. At first when I started writing my “5 Best Things About Being a BbWorld Blogger” all I could come up with was: It was cool! After doing a little more soul-searching, I thought about some of the things I experienced while blogging last year and here is what I came up with:

Blogging gets you more involved. All of a sudden you start reading what your peers are writing and comparing their notes to yours. This not only instantly helps you meet a neat group of people, you start seeing conference activities in a whole different light which takes me to #2…

Blogging gives you the opportunity to share perspectives and experiences. Being part of the BbWorld Bloggers is a great way to develop professional relationships through a common experience of being one of the “team”.

Blogging gets you groovy seating for the keynote addresses. BbWorld bloggers have great seating for the keynote speakers, fully equipped with the ever-necessary power strips and tables to set up a computer. This gives you a guaranteed seat along with plenty of space to toggle between devices so you can blog, tweet, and charge your batteries all at the same time!

Blogging gets you lots of cool extras like a digital badge for your site, blog promotion on the Blackboard social networks, blogger photo shoot, and a special blogger T-shirt!

And the best part of being a BbWorld blogger….YOU might be chosen to be one of this year’s VIP Bloggers!

For the above reasons, and many more, July cannot come fast enough. I look forward to meeting up again with the people I met last year, and maybe even add YOU to my list of blogger friends!

Learn more about how to become a BbWorld Blogger at this year’s conference in July!


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  • Lacie M. Crone

    Actually, I don’t get paid for being a Blackboard Blogger. We do have a lot of fun, however, and it adds an interesting dimension to the conference experience.