Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) recently published their take on Blackboard’s new collaboration with, just a few weeks after our recent launch at Dreamforce.  TEC, a company dedicated to helping to research, evaluate, and select the best enterprise software solutions businesses, has previously certified our Blackboard Learn ™ solution, but this was their first look at our latest innovation in improving sales via online training.

An analyst at TEC praised Blackboard Learn for Sales for combining a learning product geared towards training with the tools necessary to measure sales staff performance.  Analyst Sherry Fox notes: “The availability on the market of a learning product targeted specifically at training and measuring the performance of the sales force of an organization has been a long time coming. Certainly other LMS and LCMS vendors have offered course content around sales, and have offered mobile versions of their products—allowing salespeople (on the road) to learn on the fly. But in my opinion, none have done so in the manner in which Blackboard has with its new Blackboard Learn for Sales.”

The article also featured an interview with Tim Hill, President of Blackboard ProEd.  When asked how the collaboration with Salesforce would expand Blackboard’s reach in the professional education sector, Hill had this to say: “We expect positive returns and continued growth in our ProEd business, and the partnership will only strengthen that trend. Businesses and government agencies are increasingly looking for solutions that are quick to deploy, cost-effective, and leverage real opportunities in social learning. Blackboard ProEd has seen impressive year-over-year growth in sales since we formed this team four and a half years ago, and we are confident that our partnership with and the launch of Blackboard Learn for Sales will help contribute to this trend.”

For the full interview with Hill and more from the TEC analysts, click here.  To learn more about Blackboard Learn for Sales and how it can drive value for you and your business, visit our website here.

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