When enterprise decision makers are trying to determine the best software solution for their unique needs, they often turn to the Technology Evaluation Center (TEC) for analysis and recommendations.  TEC uses a unique technology to impartially evaluate and select the optimal fit for a business among vendors.  We are pleased to announce that Blackboard Learn ™ has been officially certified by TEC for online evaluation of learning management suites in the Human Capital Management Evaluation Center.

This means that TEC has verified that the level of support Blackboard had identified for each learning management module (e.g., classroom training, e-learning management, virtual classrooms, etc.) was reviewed by TEC experts and found accurate.

TEC Research Analyst Sherry Fox writes:

I was particularly impressed with how quickly and easily a user could create a course, using some very basic (and user-friendly) content creation tools. The ease and speed of transition from page to page within the application was also a plus for me.

Blackboard Learn requires very little training for the user to get up and running. It is available through an on-premise or software-as-a-service (SaaS) deployment model.

Within the next month, a full certification report will be published on the TEC website that includes more detail on the certification process in relation to Blackboard Learn’s features and functions.

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