At Blackboard, we’ve had a long history of providing training and consulting services to help schools make the most of their Blackboard technologies. When I first announced the expansion of those services to help schools plan and launch online programs – whether they use Blackboard products or not – some wondered about our ability to truly be product-agnostic. In this regard, I think actions speak louder than words.
Last week, and less than a month after Wichita State University teamed up with us, we announced another university collaboration. This time with the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville. We will work together with the school to help them analyze the marketability of their online degree programs. This agreement marks the latest in our service-oriented partnerships that are helping institutions expand and grow their online offerings.
Our education services team will help the University of Arkansas identify and promote key online programs that are designed to specifically address the unmet demands for flexible degree options in Arkansas and its neighboring states. In addition to rolling out market research, we will also create branding and communication materials in an effort to develop a successful marketing plan to attract more online students.
It is incredibly exciting to work with and support more and more schools as they take innovative approaches to online learning that directly address student needs. It is even more exciting to see the dramatic increase in schools that are looking to Blackboard for a much deeper relationship that goes far beyond a point solution or single product. We are proud to be able to offer strategic guidance to institutions of all shapes and sizes that help them address larger, more holistic goals. This is our latest services-focused partnership, but it certainly will not be our last.

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