Teacher Professional Development Made Simple With Blackboard PD


According to the 2015 Speak Up Survey, 46% of school administrators and 55% of tech leaders identified offering staff professional development as a key challenge for their school or district right now. Additionally, 62% of district administrators feel that enhancing teacher effectiveness through professional learning has the greatest potential to enhance student achievement in their district.

At Blackboard we listened to your feedback and want to make professional development accessible and effective at your school and/or district by offering you Blackboard Professional Development (PD).

Blackboard PD is a web-based, LTI-supported professional learning solution. This solution supports teachers with personalized professional development courses that help develop competencies for 21st Century teaching. Unlike other digital learning solutions, Blackboard PD provides an innovative learning experience that seamlessly fuses learning, doing, social sharing, coaching and deep dive referencing with rich analytics that show teachers how to put the principles of 21st Century instruction into action within their classroom. The Blackboard PD solution is mobile responsive. Learners can engage in asynchronous course experiences, anytime, anywhere, and on any web-enabled mobile device or online screen.

More specifically, each course contains detailed syllabus information including course descriptions, standards alignment, points/credentials to be earned and activity playlists. An internal notification system prompts learners on how to accept courses, progress through exercises, earn points and engage with peers. Additionally, PD coordinators and administrators have access to 21st Century Mastery metrics including percentage of projects/courses/tiles completed, assessment performance, mindset shifts and social engagement, all of which are tracked in real-time, with downloadable results available.

Blackboard not only provides digital learning solutions, but also surrounds the technology with reliable support staff and programs to ensure schools and districts confidently make the most of their investment.

We want to partner with your school to drive effective professional development. Contact us to learn more or get started today.

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