Just last week during Take Your Child to Work Day, forty of our employee’s kids sketched their “Dream School” on giant pieces of paper. Almost every child included a teacher in their classroom—the single dose of reality in vision boards filled with zip lines, movie theaters, fish, rockets, rock climbing walls (my personal favorite), and unlimited snacks. We dug in deeper, asking the kids why they included teachers, and one of them put it about as simply as possible: “Without teachers, we don’t learn!

And it couldn’t be more true. But what we realize as we grow a little older is that learning is so much more than academic achievement. Teachers inspire us, engage us when we’re unmotivated, challenge us, and even help us love learning. As self-motivated over-achieving student, I learned so much from my high school AP Social Studies teacher Mrs. Beyke who helped me to just relax a little, and enjoy learning rather than focusing on my scores.

We know we can never thank teachers enough. But we can share an impactful story, and reach out to the teachers who’s shoulders we stand on to let them know that they have inspired us. We created a platform for you to do just that, and give that teacher a chance to win a $1,000 grant from Blackboard during Teacher Appreciation Month. Here’s how it works. 

1. Nominate a teacher.

We’ll be accepting nominations for all of Teacher Appreciation Week (May 2 – 6). Simply click here and tell your story in 200 – 1500 words. 

2. Vote for a story that inspires you.

For the remainder of Teacher Appreciation Month (May 12 – 30) vote for the Top 10 Finalists. Anyone can vote, and you’ll get 10 extra votes for helping get the word out. 

3. Stay turned for the winners.

Top 10 Finalists will be evaluated by our team of judges based on the impact they’ve had on the nominee. We’ll be selecting three teachers to receive a $1,000 classroom grant. 

Winners will be announced on May 31 at noon eastern time. Follow us on Twitter (@Blackboard) and Facebook (Facebook.com/Blackboard) to hear the stories we’re receiving from you all. 

Click here to nominate a teacher who inspires you.

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