Each year the Blackboard headquarters in Washington, DC, holds a day of creative events to celebrate the national “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day” program.

Last Thursday, 21 kids joined us for a series of fun activities, including drawing games during a very official morning meeting in one of our conference rooms, a “Passport Tour” of various departments throughout the building and a “PB&J Break” in the afternoon (when grownups are often running out for coffee).

Before the Passport Tour each child received her or his own employee ID card on a lanyard and a small booklet shaped like an actual passport (but branded with the Blackboard logo).  The group toured the building and stopped in various departments—Client Support, Product Development, Marketing, Sales.  At each location our young executives saw where their parents work and learned a little about the kind of projects members of those teams complete, and were encouraged to ask the teams questions.  Before moving to the next location in the tour, the children received a stamp in their passports, just as if they actually were traveling from one country to another.  Pretty cool.

Here are some photos of the day taken by Naku Mayo, a technical support manager on our Client Support team.  (Yes, that’s Naku and his daughter at the end of the slideshow!)  Enjoy.

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