Last week, I had the opportunity to go to the University of Alabama for the Alabama Blackboard User Group —AKA  Bama BUG—annual eLearning Conference,  also a stop on the Blackboard Never Stop Learning Tour.

It was, to use a word you hear a lot on college campuses, awesome.

Over 200 educators, technologists, and administrators shared best practices and learned new ways to adopt technology. Talking to the educators there reminded me how demanding their jobs are.  When following up this week with some of the attendees, I heard this from Professor Andrew Goodlifee from the University of Alabama:

“The reality is that I never have time to sit down and work out how to use Blackboard [Learn] to its full extent.  Over the weekend I spent some time exploring more functionality and have already made some great strides forward. As a result of the workshop Blackboard will be a much better experience for both me and my students in the fall.”   

Here’s the good news: There’s more where that came from.

Hopefully your load lightens in summer…that can give you the chance to go a bit deeper into technology. Look at it this way:  fit it in between pool parties and BBQs this summer and you will have a more relaxed fall (and winter, and spring) as well!

And we have opportunities for you:

  • BbWorld: One of the most comprehensive (and popular) ways to learn from other users is our annual  Blackboard World (BbWorld) conference in July, known for its industry announcements, dynamic speakers, and nonstop networking. This year it is in Las Vegas; register here.
  • BITS: This weekly virtual series for educators stands for the Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series. It is convenient and efficient, giving  great insights from other Blackboard Learn users in only an hour a week.  Jump right in on June 13, when Jason Murdoch from Valencia is presenting on “Free and Clear Multimedia Tools for Educators.”
  • Exemplary Course Cohort: This is an excellent way to learn from some of the best  instructors for fully online or hybrid courses.

However, if you don’t do summer school, no worries. We also have a full schedule of one-day events like BamaBUG as part of the fall leg of the Never Stop Learning Tour.

Check back soon for more Never Stop Learning tour dates or tweet me at @klairemarino; I’ll let you know where and when they will be.


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