At ISTE this year, we released a report along with Project Tomorrow that reflected the views of over 400,000 K-12 students, educators, administrators and parents on digital learning. And we found some very interesting results:

  • Students in digital learning environments are more interested in what they are learning in school, more motivated to do well, and feel a stronger connection to their school than students in traditional, face-to-face classes.
  • Nearly 50% of virtual high school students say they are interested in what they were learning in school, while only 32% of traditional high school students said the same.
  • More than one-third of virtual school students said they are motivated because they like school. While only a quarter of traditional school students say the same.
  • While only 24% of traditional high school students say their school cares about them as a person, nearly 40% of students who have had some type of school-based digital learning experience believe that their school cares about them.




So what does this all mean?

It means that common myths about online learning, such as student having limited social interactions and the inability to connect with their community, are just that: myths. This year’s report gives us quantifiable data that online learning has a strong, student-generated value proposition around education and learning.

It also means that Blackboard is on the right path: we will continue working in partnership with schools and districts to completely reimagine the education experience to better support learners’ needs and expectations. By taking a more digital construct to our approach to K-12 education, we can create a more meaningful learning experience.

Here are some more interesting stats. Check out the full report here.

  • Students in online learning environments demonstrate greater usage of digital tools including use of those tools to develop enhanced writing skills.
  • 53% of students would like for their schools to let them use their own mobile devices within instruction to support their schoolwork.
  • 50% of middle school students who have taken an online class on their own feel that online learning makes it easier for them to succeed.
  • Students are looking for a classroom environment that more closely replicates the way they are using digital tools outside of school to support greater communications and collaboration.

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