The school classroom has changed by leaps and bounds over the past century—to the point where the classroom isn’t necessarily even bound by actual walls anymore. Through digital learning tools, the classroom has been transformed, with student success at the center.

An increasing number of teachers are bringing the best of the physical and the virtual classroom together, with blended learning. Blended learning puts student success at the forefront by empowering students to use the devices at their fingertips to access the content they need, when they need it. And it’s working too – over a third of district leaders report more positive outcomes since they implemented blended learning, and 61% report positive results in student success since incorporating digital content.

Check out the below infographic for a side-by-side look at classrooms then and now. To learn more about blended learning, download our eBook: 5 Ways to Blend with Blackboard.

Student Success: Classroom Comparison Infographic

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