On behalf of the Blackboard K-12 team, I’d like to thank folks for sharing your passion for online teaching and learning and your experiences with us during NECC earlier this summer.

At the conference the Blackboard K-12 team offered an exciting opportunity to NECC attendees: Any teacher who shared how they plan to use online learning to teach during the coming year received a free individual license of Blackboard software for the Academic 2007-2008 year.

Over 400 teachers shared their stories with us!

We had a wonderful time discussing all your success stories.  Here’s a little of what people shared:

Gloria Peifer, Trainer, St. Bernard Parish: “I will use Blackboard software to train the teachers of a school district rebuilding after Katrina. Every school in the district was destroyed, but now they are rebuilding with technology as a priority.”

Barbara Burns, Technology Coordinator, E.D. Nixon Elementary School: “Part of my job is to teach the teachers at our school. But when? I would love to do part of our training online with Blackboard software so they can do the training at their convenience, not when they are exhausted after school.”

Emily Whiteside, Speech/Language Pathologist, Muscogee County: “I’d like to make vocabulary and articulation material that I am using with my deaf students available to them and their families at home using Blackboard software.”

We know not everyone who wanted to attend NECC was able to, and some attendees may have missed this opportunity to share their plans and experiences with the Blackboard K-12 team. If you’re interested in setting up a free online course using Blackboard software, please e-mail me at kalansky@blackboard.com. I’ll explain how to get started.

This offer ends on September 1, 2007, so please contact me today.

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