For students and parents, spring break often provides a momentary pause in the school and class schedule. For administrators and staff of K-12 schools and districts, spring break offers an opportunity to reflect on the first half of the grading period and begin preparations for the end of the year. To take advantage of the week-long hiatus, however, some schools and districts are using Blackboard Connect to send out messages to parents and students to help ensure classes resume quickly and easily.

1. Assign reading goals

For younger students, learning is a continuous process and keeping skills sharp requires routine and regular practice. To help keep lessons fresh in students’ minds, Tolando Way Elementary of the Los Angeles Unified School District, sent a message to encourage students to set reading and writing goals over the break, while reminding parents to help children succeed by practicing the lessons with them at home.

2. Remind of upcoming testing schedules

The term going into the end of the year often brings with it state-sponsored standardized testing or college entrance preparatory and practice exams. While student proficiency tests are designed to test the knowledge students acquire throughout the school year, parents can help their children excel by knowing when the tests will be given so students are well-rested and fed. For high school students, spring break allows students to practice for entrance exams, like the PSAT and ACT, with little distraction from other course assignments. In the Savannah-Chatham County School District in Georgia, leaders at the Early College School sent a message to remind students and parents of upcoming registration deadlines and testing dates.

3. Inform of school policies and codes

Although the recent months have seen weather that could be described as mild, spring break often brings with it consistent sunshine and warmer temperatures. At Silverado High, in California’s  Victor Valley Union High School District, administrators sent a message to notify parents and students of additions to the school dress code, as students begin to transition to their lighter wardrobe upon the return from break.

Staying connected with both students and parents is vital for promoting educational success. Even during breaks and over holidays, school and district leaders can take advantage of available communication tools to stay connected even when classes aren’t session. Visit our website to learn more about how Blackboard Connect can help enhance parental involvement in your district.

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