With social media having been around for nearly a decade, many of us have opened the door to welcome social media just as we do with trick-or-treaters on Halloween, yet others have avoided it like a deadly plague. Your time of being a social media zombie has passed and believe it or not, you no longer have the option to NOT participate. So… what’s holding you back? Is it the fear that creeps into your bones when you think about all the content you need to create? Or is it the squeamish feeling you get when you think about dealing with student privacy? Better yet, does the idea of learning new technology just sound like torture?

Panic no more, the time to break free of your social media fear is now! Check out this infographic, or view the text only version here, to learn how to overcome some of the most common social media fears.

ScarySocialMedia-Infographic-V2 (1)

Still feeling paralyzed and unsure of how to get started, grow your presence, or make improvements? Watch this video to learn how to overcome social media barriers to create a district-wide movement.

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