If you have been in the e-learning space for a few years like me, and you saw the news today that this year’s BbWorld will also be hosting a formal MoodleMoot, you might have been scratching your head. If you’ve been really closely watching what has been happening at Blackboard, however, it would probably make complete sense. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been a part of a movement at Blackboard to go back to the fundamentals. For us, that means teaching and learning.

To that end, we have a great partner in Moodle, a partner who shares that core focus. Because we are a certified Moodle Partner, we’ve participated in, sponsored, and hosted more than 50 MoodleMoots over the past 10+ years. This year we thought we would try something new: why not bring the two largest e-learning communities together? In the end, it’s not about software, servers, code, and features, it’s about enabling instructors to deliver the best possible education to learners around the world.

As a Moodle partner, Blackboard is one of the largest contributors to Moodle. In addition to financial support, we work with them on Moodle core changes, and we regularly contribute code to Moodle core. To us, combining BbWorld and the US MoodleMoot seemed like a great way to further leverage our partnership and foster an extraordinary event for teaching and learning professionals. We were delighted when they said “yes.”

So, I would like to personally invite the entire Moodle community, from users to our fellow Moodle Partners, to join us in New Orleans this July for a celebration of e-learning. Moodle is running a call for presentations and the Moodle community will decide on the program. We’re looking forward to an amazing event. Register or submit a proposal before the deadline.

I’ll see you there.

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